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Members' Access to the BSBI Distribution Database (DDB)

To request access to the online database as a BSBI member, please complete the registration form below. You can find out more about Members' Access on our documentation site.

If you are requesting access through the recommendation of a Vice-County Recorder, or you have a role within an organisation with a data-sharing agreement with BSBI, please use the alternative registration form.
  • Be aware that your username may be displayed in a public context, and should not be your email address or membership number.
  • Enter the email address you normally use for any BSBI correspondence.
  • Entering your BSBI membership number will allow us to process your request more quickly.

Terms and conditions

By registering, you agree to the terms and conditions concerning Members' Access to the DDb and use of data.

Your request for access will be reviewed by the BSBI Data team and you will be notified when your access request has been processed.