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Local Change records - bulk GR edit

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Local Change records - bulk GR edit

by ianstrachan » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:59 pm

I have come across a set of records from 2003 for a local change tetrad in VC97 (from the BSBI LC dataset) which have been assigned to the SW monad of the tetrad - but the comment for each record makes it clear that the records are for the tetrad (in fact the SW monad on the opposite side of Loch Arkaig was not visited, which is how I spotted the error).Is there a way to bulk edit these records? I recall this problem arising before.

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Re: Local Change records - bulk GR edit

by admin » Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:17 am

Hi Ian,

There are a couple of different ways to do this. If a large set of records has a consistent over-precision problem then all tetrad-compatible monad records can be edited at once. My impression is that with the VC97 Local Change data the problem is less consistent, so it would be best to identify the site/gridref/data-set combinations that have problems and bulk-edit edit the grid-references of those sets individually (a set of results at a time).

e.g. the Loch Archaig, N Shore tetrad-as-monad records are here: ... ed5f002df4

To change the gridref of those results:

click 'select all' at the bottom of the results page;
select 'edit' as the 'selected records action'
'grid reference' is already the default edit option

click 'apply change to selected records'

enter the new (tetrad) grid-ref in the pop-up form and add a comment.
click 'edit'.

The records should update (the search will need to be re-run to see the updated results)

For data-sets that have more consistent and widespread precision problems please let me know, as I have additional bulk-editing options available to me.
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