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Indicia - issues re. not able to edit

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Indicia - issues re. not able to edit

by AndyAmphlett » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:43 pm


What do you suggest about Indicia records such as these two - ... 7460834408.

ID is correct (photos on iSpot). Grid references match (at monad or tetrad level) known locations of both species. But locality name is an address in Durness (several kms away), most likely where the recorder was staying while on holiday; (looking on iSpot he/she is from Milton Keynes). The records are fine to accept as far as ID and grid ref are concerned, but I am reluctant to accept a spurious locality name. Ideally I would remove the locality name, but guidance is not to edit records from Indicia in the DDb. The only other option is to mark as 'needs checking', with a note explaining that the ID and grid ref are OK, but needs a correct locality name to make it an acceptable record.

Other examples where a record is potentially acceptable, but not in its existing form, are where a s.s. taxon has been used, which is not acceptable, but that at the agg. level would be acceptable. For example records of Dryopteris affinis s.s. which would be OK as Dryopteris affinis agg..


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