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Forestry Enterprise Scotland, 2006 - 2012

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Forestry Enterprise Scotland, 2006 - 2012

by admin » Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:25 pm

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Metadata: FES Open Habitat Survey vascular plant species records

Date records generated and compiled:

Nature of the data:
The data comprises 1420 vascular plant records collected by contractors whilst undertaking the Open Habitat Survey for Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES). Contractors were asked to record any notable species which were encountered incidentally whilst undertaking the survey.
Not all the data has yet been extracted from all of the contract habitat survey work due to the time consuming nature of extracting the earlier records from the comments field of an excel spreadsheet. I.e. there was no standardised method for collecting species records to begin with.

The data was compiled by Jeff Waddell (FES Open Habitats Ecologist) from contract submissions of various ecological contractors working for FES over the above time period. The recorders are listed against the individual records.

Spatial extent:
Forest enterprise managed land in 29 Vice-counties throughout Scotland.

Accuracy of the data:
There are two elements to the accuracy of the data, 1) The accuracy of species identification and 2) The accuracy of the spatial locations recorded.
In terms of 1) contractors are carefully assessed for botanical skills before awarding contracts. The contracts are also competitive, with the skill level of the contractor being an important part of this consideration. There may of course be identification errors and FES cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of all the records.
In terms of 2) the majority of the records have been collected using GPS so are likely to be accurate to within several metres of a 12 or 10 figure grid reference precision. A small proportion of the records have been listed for a survey polygon number and the grid reference of the centroid of the polygon estimated from the map by the FES open habitats ecologist. In some cases where the polygon crosses a tetrad or a hectad boundary the grid reference is imprecise to avoid inaccurate precision.

Jeff Waddell, FES Open Habitats Ecologist

23rd November 2012.
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