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Altitude & site centroids

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 10:43 am
by AndyAmphlett

There is the option to include mean altitude when downloading records. This is very useful. But I just noticed that if the grid ref is a centroid, the DDb still calculates the mean altitude for the full resolution centroid grid ref. This can be very misleading in areas with pronounced relief and the record has a diameter of, say, 1000m or more. I wonder if centroids are dealt with in the same way in other queries relating to altitude? Ideally the DDb would calculate the mean altitude for the circular area defined by the centroid diameter. I assume this would be relatively straightforward to implement? (but maybe not).

Centroid grid refs are identified in downloads, so can be manually excluded from altitude calculations if necessary, but it would be better if the DDb handled centroid altitude calculations more accurately.