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GR x vc mismatches (which are actually correct)

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GR x vc mismatches (which are actually correct)

by AndyAmphlett » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:27 am


would it be possible to create a way to tagg records that the DDb has flagged as being in the sea, whose grid refs are actually correct, as being correct? For example, as of just now, these 36 records from vc108 are all flagged as off-shore: ... 0a3c232794
The records are all from islands in tidal rivers or off the coast, that were excluded from the NBN vc boundary. Having checked them once, and establishing that they are correct, it is a bit frustrating that they will still be returned as grid ref x vc mismatches, and hence will probably get checked again, which would be unnecessary.


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