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Negative records

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Negative records

by welshofficer » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:53 am

Is the DDb able to handle negative records now?

They could be recorded in MapMate (e.g. by entering the quantity as Not Present, with a comment e.g. Typha angustifolia recorded here in 1985; pond now destroyed). However I think in MapMate they would still appear as dots on maps (unless the underlying SQL was changed). And still appear in queries, so it would be important to make sure they were highlighted.

If they were sync'ed from Mapmate to the DDB, would they appear on maps (I assume they shouldn't) and in queries (probably it would be best if they did appear in queries, but strongly emphasized in a different colour)?

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Re: Negative records

by admin » Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:22 pm

Hi Poly,

In the DDb records can be given a status of 'Looked for and not found' - such records are hidden from maps and search results by default. MapMate 'not present' records (those with abundance encoded as '-7') are assigned the 'Looked for and not found' coding during import.

There are very few records encoded as 'absent' and unfortunately many more absence records were not encoded correctly in MapMate or in other source databases so are still appearing - if you spot any then please reassign the correct the status (and let me know if you think of anything I might tweak to detect systematic errors automatically).

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