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The BSBI has data sharing agreements with some organisations, if you qualify for access via this route then please use your 'institutional' email address when you register, as this should expidite the registration process.

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Terms and conditions

By registering with this website you agree to the following terms and conditions concerning access to the website and use of data.

Data is made available for personal research purposes only. Please address enquires about commercial, publication or other uses to Kevin Walker.

All data should be regarded as confidential.

Personal information and usage logging

We may retain information about how you use the site, including for example what searches are made etc. These access logs (which may contain personally-identifiable information) will be kept private and will be retained for no longer than 120 days.

In addition, if you choose to add or edit records then your real name may appear permanently in publicly accessible data sets associated with the records you have submitted or modified.

No warranty

Use of the system is at your own risk, the database will contain inaccuracies and ommisions. While we would like to be notified of any such errors we cannot accept any liability for them.

If you choose to use the system to hold record sets then you must ensure that you retain separate backup copies of your records. This is vital, to safe-guard your work in the event of failure of the online system or your means of access to it.