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Determiner name not updated via MM sync

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Determiner name not updated via MM sync

by AndyAmphlett » Wed Feb 19, 2020 5:34 pm


This record - ... nchstamp=0

I synced it to the DDb earlier today, and then edited the determiner (changing it to Claudia Ferguson-Smyth & Nick Stewart). I re-synced the record (twice) but the determiner name has not changed on the DDb version of the record.


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Re: Determiner name not updated via MM sync

by admin » Wed Feb 19, 2020 5:59 pm

Hi Andy,

There looks to have been a strange conflict between the confirmation of the record and the perhaps concurrent re-import process.

The version history for the record shows an odd sequence:

A version of the record that matches the latest re-import (with the updated determiner) is time-stamped 16:08
The 'current' version of the record created when you confirmed the record is timestamped 16:10, but this re-instates the old un-determined version. It shouldn't have been possible to confirm a non-current record.
The version history is appearing out of sequence with the 16:08 record after the 16:10.

It will be straightforward to fix this (which I'll do) but it would be useful to leave the records untouched until I've worked out what went wrong.
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