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Vulpia membranacea

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Vulpia membranacea

by AndyAmphlett » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:55 am


in the DDb there are three taxon entries for Vulpia membranacea - ... 1459f7109e. Records under this name are listed as synonymous with Vulpia fasciculata (Dune Fescue), which is (from Stace 3) correct. But it is still listed as an entry itself. There are 9 records of Vulpia membranacea (L.) Dumort on the DDb, all from vc51. Some of these records have duplicate entries under the name Vulpia fasciculata - ... 1e51f112d6. I take it that these records should be assigned to Vulpia fasciculata? As far as I can gather from a quick web search, Vulpia membranacea (L.) Dumort. does not occur in GB or Ireland.

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