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Mar Lodge

by admin » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:51 am

The data set comprises 5190 records collected in the course of a BSBI field meeting in July 2010. 5087 records were from the National Trust for Scotland Mar Lodge Estate, and 103 records were for locations outwith the Mar Lodge boundary. The data was computerised in September / October 2010, in a project managed by the BSBI Scottish Officer Jim

McIntosh and funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Purpose of data capture. The data was collected to provide up to date information on the distribution of vascular plants within the NTS Mar Lodge Estate, and to contribute to botanical recording in vc92.

Methods of data capture. All records are from direct observation in the field. Data were validated and verified using computer checks and through discussion with individual recorders and the vice-county Recorder.

Geographic Coverage. All records are from vc92. 98% of the records are from the NTS Mar Lodge Estate.

Temporal Coverage. All records are from July 2010.
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