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Salix euxina cf S. x fragilis s.l.

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Salix euxina cf S. x fragilis s.l.

by AndyAmphlett » Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:40 am


It appears that there is confusion over allocating records to the two taxa Salix euxina and S. x fragilis s.l.. At least for older records I assume these were recorded as S. fragilis. According to MapMate Newsletter 102 the treatment of taxa in this group is:


Therefore these records would be expected to appear on the DDb as S. x fragilis s.l.. But many records appear as S. euxina - table below:


It is striking that almost all VPDB records are S. euxina and almost all MapMate records are S. x fragilis s.l.. This seems dubious, though I make no claims at all to any Salix expertise.

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Re: Salix euxina cf S. x fragilis s.l.

by admin » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:25 am

Hi Andy,

There's a mistake with the way that the DDb treats S. fragilis etc. (I misunderstood the note in BSBI news when setting up the synonyms). Hopefully this will be fixed soon. It should for the most part just be matter of changing the synonym redirections - so the error is reversible without editing records.

Thanks for highlighting this (and all the other taxonomic errors that you've post about recently).


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