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Arenaria serpyllifolia s.l.

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Arenaria serpyllifolia s.l.

by AndyAmphlett » Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:50 pm


Working through the process of verifying records, I have noticed that records of Arenaria serpyllifolia, entered into MapMate prior to the change to Stace 3rd edition names, have been allocated to Arenaria serpyllifolia s.s. Like some other VCRs I have chosen not to update to Stace 3 names, and so had not paid sufficient attention to MapMate Newsletter 102 issued on 23/11/2012. Here it states:

Arenaria serpyllifolia subsp. serpyllifolia and A.serpyllifolia subsp. leptoclados are raised to species. With A. serpyllifolia, A. serpyllifolia subsp. serpyllifolia and A. serpyllifolia subsp. lloydii already present, only A. subsp. leptoclados is changed (to A. leptoclados) and A. serpyllifolia sens. lat. becomes A. serpyllifolia agg.

Because A. serpyllifolia has been available in MapMate for some time (concurrently with A. serpyllifolia subsp. serpyllifolia and A. serpyllifolia sens. lat.) existing records for A. serpyllifolia should be checked in case sens. lat. was intended at the time they were entered.

Only records entered as A. serpyllifolia sens. lat. became A. serpyllifolia agg, whereas I and I suspect others, have on occasion used A. serpyllifolia to mean in the agg. sense. I will edit these records in MapMate and re-synch to the BSBI Hub. Others, if they have not spotted this change in nomenclature, should investigate their records.

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