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Carex x fulva confusion

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Carex x fulva confusion

by AndyAmphlett » Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:56 am


The hybrids of Carex hostiana with what was recently called Carex viridula are common. Presumably the commonest hybrid is with Carex viridula subsp. oedocarpa (Common Yellow-sedge), now called C. demissa.

I have not updated my copy of MapMate to Stace 3 names, but note that all my records for Carex x fulva (C. hostiana x viridula), ie viridula sensu lato, as entered into MapMate, are on the DDb as Carex hostiana x lepidocarpa, which they are not. As far as I can gather, this is down to Stace 3 only using the name Carex x fulva for the hybrid with lepidocarpa.

I checked, and as of today, the DDb has 2906 records from 114 vice-counties for Carex hostiana x lepidocarpa = C. x fulva; whereas it only has 327 records from 64 vice counties for Carex hostiana x demissa. Therefore it looks like changes to taxonomy in MapMate and how the taxonomy is applied in the DDb has introduced widespread mis-allocation of records to Carex hostiana x lepidocarpa. In my vc there are only 20 records to deal with, so that is not a problem, but with potentially so many vice-counties affected, is a more global solution possible?


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Re: Carex x fulva confusion

by admin » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:53 am

Hi Andy,

Thanks very much for alerting me this. It will be possible to correct this in bulk (because the source and original taxon name assignment of records is traceable) so please don't edit individual records to fix this. I'll post a follow-up message here once the correction has been applied.

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