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by AndyAmphlett » Thu Dec 05, 2019 6:35 am

For info.

MapMate and the DDb have taxon entries for both Salicornia (sp. / genus) and Salicornia agg.. While superficially similar, searching for records on the DDb using these two names returns different numbers of records. The reason is that Salicornia agg. includes Sarcocornia perennis (Perennial Glasswort), which prior to the 1st edition of Stace's Flora was included in Salicornia. Searching using the taxon entry 'Salicornia' excludes any records recorded as Salicornia agg..

The hectad distribution of Salicornia, overlain by hectad records of Salicornia agg. and Sarcocornia perennis is at:

Click on 'Legend' to view key to symbols. The map of Salicornia agg. has 16 hectads additional to the map of Salicornia. All hectad occurrences of Sarcocornia perennis are in hectads with records of Salicornia and Salicornia agg., therefore at hectad scale the map of Salicornia agg. displays the correct distribution for Salicornia s.s..

NB the taxon entry Salicornia europaea agg. only refers to Salicornia europaea s.s., Salicornia obscura and Salicornia ramosissima, so should not be used when Salicornia sp. or agg. is intended.

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