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Indicia - additional taxon errors

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:08 pm
by AndyAmphlett

Prompted by my post re Echeveria derenbergii - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=445, I have looked for other Indicia records where the taxon appears to be an obvious error. I ran a query to find the number of 'new' hectad records for GB where Indicia was the Source, and investigated anomalous looking results. Taxa where I think the ID is obviously incorrect include:

Symphytum officinale x asperum x tuberosum. 134 records from 78 new hectads - ... 453603ea8e. Many of the records indicate that the entry was originally entered as 'Comfrey'.

Thymus vulgaris. 67 records from 45 new hectads - ... b41a3f2a30. Many of the records were entered as 'Thyme'.

Leontodon hispidus x saxatilis = L. x vegetus. 57 records from 37 new hectads - ... 46132aa328. Many records entered as 'Hawkbit'.

Trifolium constantinopolitanum. 39 records from 30 new hectads - ... 60c883e753. Many records entered as 'Clover'.

Prunus domestica x spinosa = P. x fruticans. 78 records from 30 new hectads - ... 172343883f. Many records entered as 'Cherry'.

Erodium cicutarium x lebelii = E. x anaristatum. 14 records from 11 new hectads - ... c510763e32. Many records entered as Stork's-Bill.

Platanthera bifolia x chlorantha = P. x hybrida. 12 records from 9 new hectads - ... 5bb87cdca5. Many records entered as 'Butterfly-Orchid'.

Sagina procumbens x saginoides = S. x normaniana. 9 records from 8 new hectads - ... 67e3b11157. Many records entered as Pearlwort.

These all have in common that the records appear to have been entered under a broad common name, which has become associated with the wrong (and improbable) taxon. I assume this happened within iRecord? Many of these are hybrids, but that might just be my bias in assessing the list of taxa. I suggest as a minimum that all these records should be tagged as 'needs checking' and they should not be moved to the DDb's main workspace. No doubt there are similar issues with some additional taxa.