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Carex demissa agg.

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:47 am
by AndyAmphlett
Hi Tom,

The DDb has synonymised Carex demissa agg. with Carex demissa s.s., which is incorrect. In MapMate Newsletter 102 ( it says:

6. Carex demissa/lepidocarpa/oederi. Carex viridula subspecies are raised to species. Note that Carex viridula without the the subspecies specified is now named Carex demissa agg. (in MapMate).

I was entering some records from 2006, at which time Stace (Ed. 2) treated these 3 taxa as subsp. of C. viridula. The records just use the name C. viridula. Could MapMate records be made to refer to (perhaps) Carex viridula s.l. which is an available entry in the DDb?