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Spiraea salicifolia

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Spiraea salicifolia

by AndyAmphlett » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:08 am

Spiraea salicifolia L. is described by Stace as 'over-recorded and now very rare or extinct'. The DDb currently has 144 post 2000 records (from 54 vcs), suggesting that either Stace's assessment is incorrect, or (more probably) it is being recorded inadvertently for Spiraea salicifolia agg / Spiraea sp.. Alan Silverside's account of the genus in Plant Crib (1998) says that there are no authentic recent records of S. salicifolia. Therefore it would be worth critically looking at any recent records of S. salicifolia, though there is no referee for the genus.

Regarding older records, I am sceptical. Pre-Stace's Flora, the only Spiraea taxon given full treatment in the Floras I have here at home (Hooker (3rd edition 1884), Bentham & Hooker (7th edition 1924), CTW (2nd edition 1962) and CTM (1987) was S. salicifolia, with a briefer mention of S. douglasii. The first Flora to refer to one of the hybrids was CTM (S. x billardii). I suspect that many of the records of S. salicifolia actually refer to Spiraea in the aggregate sense.

NB Spiraea (the genus, available in MapMate as Spiraea agg.) is not the same as S. salicifolia agg.. See - ... onInstance - and click on the sub-divisions tab. I suspect there is some confusion in the records over use of the genus cf the agg. taxon. Having not had much success when trying to name naturalised Spiraea bushes, I use Spiraea agg..

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