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Agrostis 'pumila'

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Agrostis 'pumila'

by AndyAmphlett » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:38 am

There is a taxon on the DDb named Agrostis 'pumila', but without authority. It is only recorded from vc46. (I just came across a record of this taxon on an old vc96 record card too). The species Agrostis pumila was described by Linnaeus, but is now treated as a synonym of A. capillaris -

Arthur Chater's 'Flora of Cardiganshire' page 826 has an interesting account of this taxon. It is a dwarfed early flowering form, infected by the smut Tilletia sphaerococca. The smut is more widely recorded than its host, with many records from vc110 - ... ecordsView.

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