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Vascular plants: Fumaria records - notes field corrupted

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Vascular plants: Fumaria records - notes field corrupted

by AndyAmphlett » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:23 am


this dataset - ... etInstance - (Fumaria records) seems to be corrupted. Looking at vc94 records, and a few from other vcs, the notes field has details from different (unrelated) records. Selecting a record from the Fumaria dataset, and then viewing duplicates of the record, reveals the problem.

For example, this record from the Fumaria dataset - ... nchstamp=0 - in the notes field says "comment: Name in Craib's Flora = Fumaria capreolata Whole County status = Colonist". But the original version of the record - ... nchstamp=0 - in the notes field says "On levelled and reseeded area by road."

I could mark the vc94 records as inferior duplicates, but the problem may be wider, so needs looking at.


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Re: Vascular plants: Fumaria records - notes field corrupted

by admin » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi Andy,

Thanks for highlighting this. The mangled notes are identical in the source record from BRC - so the records were corrupted before they reached the DDb.

I might be able to trace the source data set that BRC uploaded, but at the moment it looks as though this entire Fumitory dataset is superfluous - duplicating records that we already have from the original sources. The vast majority of the records in the set are literal duplicates, and, so far all the records not detected automatically as duplicates that I've examined have turned out to be inferior versions of another record in the system.

I'll investigate a bit more, but probably will end up suppressing the dataset rather than trying to reload it.
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