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Thos Ruddy

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Thos Ruddy

by mossysal » Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:21 pm

Hi, Tom,

There's a record BSBI DDb record BSBI DDb record ... rdInstance for Silene noctiflora by Thomas Ruddy from 1919 - 7 years after his death. I tried to put his dates in but was told I didn't have editing rights.
According to H@H his dates are 1842 - 1912. Can you advise please?
Best wishes
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Re: Thos Ruddy

by admin » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:37 pm

Hi Sarah,

I can't find this record in the BEC reports (the reference from the record to C.M.Rob's 1946 report doesn't appear to refer to this record). There are other records attributed to Ruddy after from Llanderfel C. 1919, e.g. Plantago media (page 674). The dates for Ruddy (1842 - 1912) appear to be correct, so this record is odd. I'd guess that the most likely explanation would be that records from his collection or notebooks might still be being worked on several years after his death, but it's also conceivably possible that his son Thomas Alexander Ruddy (1869-1939) continued his father's botanical involvement and that this record is by Ruddy jnr.

It's possible for you to edit the record to put a note that the date may be suspect, which might be worth doing. Recorder name entries aren't currently editable by non-admin users (but you can create new ones). The reason for this restriction is that while the editing tools are still quite rudimentary I want to be quite cautious about changes to database entries that could affect large numbers of records. There could be problems with abbreviated names that may cover multiple people. Once the editing processes are clearer then I hope to relax some of the constraints.

I'll rename the 'T Ruddy' entry to 'Thomas Ruddy' and add dates, as it looks as though all the linked records are meant to refer to the same person (excepting the possibility that his son may be involved). This does expose more general problems with the dating of records from some sources - there are several grossly mis-dated Ruddy records.

best wishes,

Tom Humphrey
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