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new 'Do not map' validation option

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:03 pm
by admin
I've introduced an additional validation-related option for use with records of plants that are probably being cultivated in a non-wild situation, for example within a garden.

Although BSBI recording guidelines state that cultivated plants in gardens shouldn't be recorded, in practice there are often grey areas and recorders adopt differing approaches. Some of these records present problems when trying to compile coherent atlas distribution maps.

The new 'Do not map' tick box on the validation form can be applied to 'confirmed' or 'unchecked' records. It indicates that although the record is valid (in the sense of being correctly identified and located etc.) it shouldn't be considered for atlas mapping.

The intended scope of the new option is quite limited - it's not the intention that it should apply to all planted occurrences or to all aliens in wild situations. Provided that an appropriate status has been applied many planted occurrences and most alien escapes are absolutely valid for atlas inclusion. The new option covers cases of plants in non-wild situations only.

Please note that the 'do not map' flag does not, in any sense, mean that the record will be kept secret. This option cannot be used as a way to hide sensitive or private records. We will share 'do not map' occurrences in the same way as other data and such records will appear on maps (just not maps that are intended to show wild distribution).

I welcome queries about the new option - there may be many edge-cases and it would be useful to arrive at a consensus about how records should be classified.