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MapMate record won't update on DDb

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MapMate record won't update on DDb

by AndyAmphlett » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:39 pm


This record - - was created in my copy of MapMate. At some point I noted that the date (1975) was incorrect and I edited it (in MM) changing it to 1976. The edit did not update the version of the record in the DDb. I have just re-sent the record, and again it didn't update the DDb copy. So I edited the record (re-entered the year as 1976) and synced to the DDb. Again the record was not updated. Looking at version history it only shows that I added a validation comment to it back in 2018. It is easy for me to edit the record in the DDb, but something seems to be stopping this record being updated on the DDb, so thought you would want to investigate first.

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Re: MapMate record won't update on DDb

by admin » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:51 pm

Hi Andy,

I'm not sure what went wrong. The DDb also holds copies of the raw mapmate version of uploaded records and there the date had updated.

Having triggered a faked re-import of the record, the DDb now matches MapMate, with the correct date.

If you spot more of these then please let me know, as a general solution would be needed if this is a widespread bug.
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