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Date class of records with no start year to date range

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Date class of records with no start year to date range

by AndyAmphlett » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:09 pm

Hi Tom,

I am sure this is a well known issue, but have just noticed it myself. There are 321,000 records on the DDb with date = a date range, but with no start date (only a 'to' date), and where the 'to' date is post 1929. ... 2672e4b635

These records are allocated to the earliest, pre-1930 date class, and come from every vc. While many instances will be pre-1930 records, may are not (judging by recorder names). Potentially date ranges could be narrowed down by examination of dates when recorders were active, and of likely duplicate records. This is probably very fiddly. In the meantime might it be better if such records were not allocated to a date class; perhaps they should be in a 'no date class' category?

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