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Relationship of DDB to NBN?

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Relationship of DDB to NBN?

by Anne Burgess » Mon May 09, 2022 10:41 am

I participate regularly in Volunteer Days on my local SWT nature reserve. The next one, instead of litter picking, clearing gorse or uprooting Impatiens glandulifera etc, will be recording wildlife including plants.
The SWT staff member who is leading the day says that botany is not her strong suit, and that she has not been able to recruit any experts to help with identifying the plants.

So on the basis that a little knowledge is probably better than none, I have offered to be the group scribe for all botanical observations, which will ensure that they are recorded at least at monad level.

The results will find their way to the NBN. Naturally I am keen that any observations I am involved with should also find their way into the BSBI DDB.


- Is data submitted to the NBN automatically fed into the DDB?

- Is data submitted to the DDB automatically fed into the NBN?

- If I keep a list of the observations and submit it independently to the DDB (via my Vice-County Recorder of course) will this cause any conflict?
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