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Unable to upload records from Mapmate

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:03 pm
by PWiggins
I think there is an issue with this message board as with my last post I got an error, retired and then it gave me two entries. That one is fixed.

I have just uploaded 15k records to MapMate to a new VC for my MapMate. I had created a new map and I imported them to this VC map. They are sitting there in MM and look OK.

I then changed the filters to this new VC and set it to all records and Vascular plants (microspecies) and charyophytes.

I then did the replication and it found one new object and no new records! I synched this with the DDb and waited till I had the two emails and then tried again and this time it found nothing.

I’ve even read the manual and the only thing I can see that I have left is Reset Sync Record which sounds a bit drastic.

Help please.