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Research-specific question about temporal and spatial res

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Research-specific question about temporal and spatial res

by Yanwei_Lin » Thu May 13, 2021 12:53 pm


I am doing a research about how trait-environment relations reflect plant distribution over the UK. My climate data is in the time range of 1981-2000. Theoretically, plant distribution varies through time and I need occurrence data in the same period. But choosing time periods can drop large amounts of data and is likely to bias my analysis. On one hand, plants recorded in 1970s or 2000s are possible to presence during 1981-2000 as well. On the other hand, occurrence data in 1930s or 2010s may be different and cannot reflect plant distribution in 1980s. So I am quite confused how to properly decide ‘date classes’ in terms of my research question.

I also met a problem regarding spatial resolution. BSBI data are resolved to hectad, tetrad and monad level. The three levels sometimes do not overlap each other. If I reduce datasets to only include tetrad records, I will lose quite a lot occurrence data at hectad and monad level, and introduce false negative. But how could I combine the three spatial levels? Could you please give me some help and guidance?

Great thanks!
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