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Indicia:iRecord iSpot dataset - photos

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 2:37 pm
by AndyAmphlett
Records from Indicia are held within a separate part of the DDb; see discussion at viewtopic.php?f=1&t=432#p1196. One of the Indicia datasets comprises records from iSpot. iSpot records are from vcs 1 - 112 - ... 6467a0cbf9 - and are for 2056 taxa. All the records are (I think) supported by photographs. The photos can be viewed via the iSpot link (listed as one of the record attributes).

iSpot records include 601 new vc records; 1440 hectad singletons; and 3075 single hectad x date class records (and none more recent). From examining a sample, some records are obvious ID errors, while some are correct, and are excellent new vc / hectad records. It is a fairly slow business investigating the records one at a time, so I suggest prioritising the more notable looking ones. For example single hectad x date class records (and none more recent), grouped by vc are listed via this query - ... 821ff28351.

Quite a few iSpot records have supporting verifications on the iSpot website, and these are included in the DDb copy of the records. Again, from looking at a sample, just because others have agreed with the original recorder's ID, does not make that ID correct. I have noticed several obvious ID errors, where the incorrect ID was confirmed by one or more people known to be expert.

If you agree with a record, Confirm it on the DDb, and ensure the 'include in DDb' box is ticked. That will transfer the record into the main DDb workspace, so the record will be mapped and included in Atlas 2020.


Edit added. ID issues relate to verification of records. Examination of the original iSpot records and photos may also reveal validation issues. Examples I have come across include the grid ref and locality name not matching; the photo showing a location / habitat that does not match the grid ref or locality name; evidence that the record is from a garden (hence should be tagged as not to be mapped).