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Using checklists (TIP)

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Using checklists (TIP)

by welshofficer » Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:45 am

Some users may not be aware of the checklist facility.

There are lots of checklists on the DDB, which are (for example) lists of important species.

To view the list of checklists, click Tools -> Checklists and then scroll down - some of the most useful are County Rare Plant Registers, Conservation status and Axiophytes.

If you click on the checklist of interest, you will see various details, including a tab called "items" which will let you view the taxa listed and the category (data) e.g. CR, EN, etc etc.

If you want to search for taxa on one of these lists, go to the search form, and enter the area of interest (e.g. county, grid square, or bounded area - SSSI). Under checklist/attributes, start to enter the name of the checklist you are interested in. If you only want to see taxa in one category, put in the value (e.g. CR, EN, VU).

Hopefully this will be helpful!

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