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Maps Scheme datsets

by AndyAmphlett » Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:16 am

Hi Tom,

a couple of queries about Maps Scheme records.

1). There are two datasets on the DDb which relate to the old BSBI Maps Scheme (AUP). 'BSBI Maps Scheme', which appears to be tetrad records only, and 'BSBI Maps Scheme HECTADS'. Am I correct in thinking that these datasets only now include (or by default show), tetrad or hectad records when there is no more detailed record for a taxon in a date class? If that is the case, then over time, as more detailed records are added to the DDb, these maps scheme records should all disappear?

2). These datasets include many records where the vice-county is ambiguous, overlapping two or more vcs. If a VCR is confident that none of the records attributed to his or her vc, within an ambiguous grouping of vcs, actually refers to their vc, can the Maps Scheme datasets records be edited to remove reference to that vc? These datasets are not editable by a DDb user with normal permissions. This would prevent spurious records being returned when querying the DDb. (An alternative solution is just to exclude these datasets from a query, but that seems less satisfactory).


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Re: Maps Scheme datsets

by admin » Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:12 am

Hi Andy,

I hope that everything from the summary data-sets will be superseded soon - in many cases the sets largely serve as markers that other more detailed data should be tracked-down and loaded.

The reason I prevented editing of the records is because I was concerned that people were beginning to edit-in the 'missing' details (or even reuse the record for a replacement that bore little relation to the original). I don't want that to happen because I need to be free to drop the summary sets as they are replaced by newly loaded data without needing to check if useful detailed records might vanish in the process.

I appreciate the problem where the records spill over into spurious counties, but in the short-term I'm happy for people to email me with lists of MapScheme records where the VC needs changing (as you did yesterday) - but I'll try to find a better solution (hopefully without turning full edit access back on).


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